If you have ever tried to apply for aant house 2 job, you know the sting of being told “no”. Maybe your skill set wasn’t what it needed to be. Maybe you didn’t have enough experience. Imagine sitting in an interview, but instead of thinking about answering that next interview question confidently, you are worried about where you will sleep. Or where your next meal will come from. This is a reality for people who struggle with addiction and homelessness.


Lady’s 1st has one simple goal: to educate and empower women in need, with all the tools necessary to create a better life.

Through an innovative program where businesses, communities, and regular folks just like you, join forces, we are changing lives for the better. We train adults who have bigger-than-usual roadblocks to their success. Through educational programs and on-the-job training, we are impacting lives in our Central Florida communities.

It is a big feat, but together, we can help women find their way to success. 

Please email us or call (321) 300-4483 to partner with us in one of the following areas of need:

  • Business Partners  ::  willingness to hire, train, or offer services to our graduates
  • Teachers  ::  teachers to help develop new curriculum and teach lessons
  • Guest Speakers  ::  instruct participants on new technology, skills to be successful, motivation for success
  • Donations  ::  make a tax-deductible contribution (Together Humanity Unites Greater, 501(c)(3) non-profit organization)

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